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Aprutino Pescarese DOP - D'Intino

     Our Agricultural Company has been producing the finest olive oil for many years using traditional methods. The slightly fruity oil is perfect for using uncooked and adds a delicate olive flavour to your dishes.

    The olives are grown in special well-irrigated facilities to produce the local variety of the "Diritta di Loreto". We do not use phytosanitary products or chemical fertilisers. The olives are hand picked and selected. They are then pressed according to the best oil-pressing techniques within 48 hours from the picking.

     We produce small quantities of oil and this allows us to personally follow the entire process, which is why our oil has a very low acidity level. Its first rate qualitity was confirmed when it won was awarded first prize in the 1995 and 1996 Ercole Olivario competitions: Italian Award for quality extra-virgin olive oil

The richness of our land is the richness of our flavours.

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